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Golf Training

If you’re an average player looking to improve your golf game—but don’t have the time to invest in a total overhauling—then our golf training program is perfect for you. We’ll strengthen the fundamentals of your game and delivers you with an understanding of basic techniques and concepts. The feature of our putting golf training program is concise and effective review of your putting and green-reading skills. You’ll also obtain a custom putter fitting at the innovative Science and Motion lab—the ultimate putting tool that uses ultrasound measurements and displays the results in an easy-to-understand reports. Depending on the program you choose, your time at the Golf DXB academy will be divided into the require fundamental components.

Kids Golf

Golf DXB is committed to helping kids players grow and enhance their skills, setting them on the path to becoming a good golfer. Our kids’ golf program is delivered in a fun and dynamic way, to help instill a real passion for golf in our youthful players! Kids will delight learning a variety of skills that can be relocated to their golf education and will help them advance more effortlessly in kids golf game. At Golf DXB, our experienced coaches teach according to biological rather than chronological ages and early developers are treated fairly and equally. Golf goods are provided, although we promote our students to get their own clubs as they advance further in the game. Our golf academy is the best platform for the kids to learn golf with the best teaching professionals with interactive modules.

Golf Training

Golf is sometimes known as a secret society with its own mores, culture and language, which can make it feel exclusionary, elitist or unwelcoming. Golf Training is built to enhance your practice regimen and improve your game. If you want to get better, Golf DXB is the right academy that can help you do it. The golf training academy force you to pinpoint, educate and perfect the optimal impact position. Impact is the moment of truth in the swing, it is the only position that really matters. The biggest challenge in golf is consistency. To be consistent you need to reach the optimum impact position every now and again you swing a club.


Kids golf

The kids golf learning course is a proven method to introduce golf to kids players. The program becomes more difficult as players advance through each of the 3 levels, and the Level 1, 2 and 3 booklets provide the framework for both coaches and parents. The Golf DXb academy seeks to serve every member of the family. Our programs will benefit players of pre teenage based on proven models of learning, simple and repeatable swing development, the use of goal-planning booklets, and most of all, making kids golf a family endeavor. With years of experience leading kids’ development in the game, working with great coaches and impacting countless junior players, our Academy philosophy believes on the learning and Play on the course is from the tees.