Golf Academy Dubai

Golf is a ball game and it became business activity. A golf course consists of 9 or 18 holes with a teeing ground. Golf academy Dubai offers best opportunity the learners to boost up their golf game with proper time. Our instructors are PGA qualified and have vast experience in a golf game.  We provide excellent training to our students and teach them the important golf playing techniques like how to swing the ball, how to hit the ball, golf grip etc with a simple manner. We also provide a special golf class like golf tuition class  The golf academy Dubai conduct golf tournament, junior kids tournament every year and provide golf accessories like shirt, cap, gloves, gripsees and more. Our aim is to build up best golfer by making golf ease and fun.  We do this by helping our students set and reach personal goals based on their levels of play.  We want our students to set and reach personal goals based on your level of play to help do this. We feel good about your golf score is higher than the number on the card. This is so you can relax and enjoy your time on the course is about having confidence in your ability.


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