Golf Lesson

DXB Dubai, in the world of golf is one of the excellent golf place. Which shot to choose and how to execute it will make your experience more enjoyable, and led to low scores in the ability to know. Our specialty, Lowe joined the flight of the ball lay bare, high ball flight, chip and run, of course, how to avoid road hole bunker pitching! This, plus much, much more. DXB exceptional practice facilities, golf lesson academy and quality education, the new intermediate or advanced player provides the perfect learning environment. Our golf lesson aim is a learning environment, which develops and coaching rather than teaching ability and knowledge of the golf swing is to improve our students through. Our world renowned professional coaching staff, creative and energetic approach to provide an exceptional learning experience will enjoy the difference is committed to. We have a junior development program, development program for women, long-term development program is designed. Proud of our experienced PGA  professionals and improve the level of play and enjoy playing the game for passing on their knowledge of their students.


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